Our Legacy

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most renowned manufacturers & retailers of authentic & traditional sweetmeats & savouries with more than 250 variety of sweets and savouries, under the brand name Banchharam’s. Since inception in the 70’s by our founder, Mr Banchharam Ghosh, armed with business virtues – Integrity, Discipline & Concern – we have been offering best quality products that have satisfied the taste-buds and, thus, won the hearts of millions.

Today our directors, Mr Abhijit Ghosh, Mr Subhajit Ghosh and Mr Bikramjit Ghosh following the same business virtues have taken the brand ahead and making it recognisable across the globe. To cope up with the growing demand for our products, we have set up three production units in Kolkata. Our Brand has been accredited with number of Awards by panel of adjudicators in culinary world viz. Calcutta Times Awards, Times Hospitality Award, West Bengal Khadi Village & Industries Certificate, Times Food Award, to name a few that have earned us our brand image. Our recent awards being the Times Food Award Kolkata for Best Mithai Shop 2020 which we have been winning consecutively for past few years, and Times Food Delivery Icons Kolkata for Iconic Mishti.

Today we are privileged to serve millions of customers through 14 outlets in & around Kolkata. We have also expanded to Bengaluru and very soon we would make our appearance in Siliguri & Mumbai .

Let us begin on a sweet note

Serving the ‘City of Joy’ for the last 46 years, Banchharam’s is one the most trusted and renowned sweetmeat brand in Eastern India. Our journey began almost 4 decades ago, in 1974, with Mr. Banchharam Ghosh, the man behind the brand, setting up a small shop in the heart of Central Kolkata, West Bengal, India, with the most notable point making this shop stand out from the rest at that time was that all it’s sweets were prepared with the best quality ingredients available in the market. This soon also became one of the core values of the brand and so began the journey of Banchharam’s.

The Vision to be different

From a lone shop located close to the office hub of Kolkata to tables across Kolkata and even further beyond to homes in Bangaluru, India, Banchharam’s is committed to let the world discover the tastes of the sweets of Bengal. With the love and support of our customers we have devoted ourselves in creating better products and services, streamline supply chains, and maintain hygiene at our production plants as well as our outlets.

Making a difference at home and away

Today, Banchharam’s has 2 production units situated in the Kasba Industrial Estate, Kolkata and 14 retail stores spread all over Kolkata, including stores at the NSCBI airport. We have also set up a production unit in Bengaluru, India with 4 retail stores in operation.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of the highest concern at Banchharam’s. Every item produced is carefully made to meet the demands and high expectations of our customers. The products are made with pure ghee and in a ‘veg only’ area. This is what has made Banchharam’s a leading producer of Bengali sweets and savouries, which is keenly sought after by the connoisseurs.

Our sweets and savouries are produced each day to ensure the best taste and the highest level of freshness. We deliver over 250 varieties of delicacies which are all prepared in a modern unit, handled by our trained staff with covered hands and supervised by experts who have years of experience. With our innovative approach, we have ornamented the plethora of traditional authentic Sweetmeats of Bengal with some additional variety e.g. Mihidana Tart, Baked Rosogolla, Baked Sandesh Pie, Mihidana Golab Jamun Slice Cake etc., that have satisfied the taste buds of customers and melted their hearts. We are constantly striving in such efforts.


It is only with the finest ingredients such as milk, sugar and pure ghee (clarified butter), can the very best sweets be prepared. Banchharam’s hand selects ingredients to ensure that the taste, texture and appeal of the final product are of the highest standard. We bring the tastes and flavours to our customers using age old recipes that had its origins in West Bengal and beyond.

Hygienic Factory

Our manufacturing units, maintain the highest standards of hygiene with written SOP’s in place that are strictly followed by all. Most of the products are made on machines that are clean and well maintained. All our savoury recipes are strictly vegetarian i.e., without onion and garlic. To further ensure a pure vegetarian environment like our outlets, even our manufacturing units are strictly veg. only areas.

Attention to details

We, at Banchharam’s, believe that the skill and know how required to make the very best sweets are the foundation of our business. And this is the only way to ensure that our sweets attain ‘World-class’ status. Hence, continuous innovation with new flavours and close attention to details is part of our daily routine. The production team, drawing feedback from customers on a regular basis is constantly developing newer varieties of sweets that bring novelty to our ever popular spread.


We have set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Sankrail food park, Dhulagarh covering an area of 60,000 sq.ft. under WBIDC where packaged products, which will have a long shelf-life of around 6/12 months, will be manufactured. The Phase 1 commercial production has already begun with Phase 2 beginning by late 2022. We intend to distribute and export the packaged products to different parts of the country and the world.

Future Plans

Like Bengaluru we are contemplating to open more manufacturing units and sales outlets in major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Siliguri, Delhi and Chennai. Also being an important plan for our expansion is distribution and export of our packaged products once our facility at Sankrail Food Park starts its commercial production at full swing.

Awards & Accolades

We have been awarded by Calcutta Times in different categories of sweets in 2009, 2011 and 2012. We have been also bestowed with the tag of the best Mithai Shop at Times Food Awards, consecutively by Times of India amongst more than 65,000 sweetmeat stores all over West Bengal. Besides, in approval of our products & services, our Company has been featured in all the leading newspapers.